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Hi there guys. I am Yasoob 🙂  As you know that writing quality tutorials take plenty of time so I was thinking that I should take your suggestion about the next article.

These days I have been doing quite a lot of projects. Let me share the details of two of these projects.

This project was not an ordinary project. As most of you know that Google maps provide an API to programmatically access it, there was a problem with it. The API was not providing complete routes information for Japan. And in this project I particularly wanted information regarding Japan.

In order to complete this project I had to rely on BeautifulSoup, HTMLParser and requests library. It turned out to be more difficult than I had innitially thought. I had to use an old Google maps url. I made a custom API  for Google maps by scraping data in real time.

Posting to Facebook group without the Graph API

This was a kind of personal project. I wanted to test that how difficult is it to scrape Facebook. The project was to build a Bot. There are two ways to achieve this target without the API. The first one is to use a full fledged Webkit Engine but I wanted to do this the difficult way. I resolved on the second method which involved parsing the HTML page and submitting forms without evaluating the Javascript. This method allowed me to sharpen up my web scraping and research skills. This method takes time to implement but after implementation it is quite fast as compared to the Webkit solution.

Now I want your suggestion. On which project should I write a tutorial? The first project will sharpen up your web scraping skills but the second project is also really good. Please do comment 🙂 See you later!

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