Hi there! Today, I am beginning my very own personal blog related to Python. Let me first tell you who I am. I am a computer programmer from Pakistan. I have made a lot open source contributions. I have contributed mainly to youtube-dl. It’s a python script which allows you to download videos from various websites like youtube, facebook, dailymotion, metacafe, etc. I also run a website with the name of It allows you to search and download music from Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 😀 I have done all of its backend programming in python. I also have some useful scripts on my GitHub page, and if you would like to check them out or utilize them, you are most welcome to do so. This blog will serve you new Python tips every other day. This blog is not for seasoned programmers but those who are starting out with Python, or want to enhance their knowledge about this language.

Lastly, if you have any comments, suggestions, or want my help with anything, please feel free to drop me an email: [email protected] And with that, I guess it is time to say goodbye for now.