Super Cute Rainboot Planters!

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cute rainboot planter tutorial

Is anyone else as excited about spring as I am?! I don’t know what it is about budding flowers and trees spouting fresh green leaves, but I love it! The bright colors, warm sunshine, and light breeze put a spring in my step (no pun intended). This project is my celebration of cheery spring and flip flop weather! I guarantee these cute little planters will make you smile. 🙂

cute rainboot planter tutorial (1)

Here is what you will need for these rainboot planters:

1. Rain boots (you can totally re-purpose your kids old worn out rain boots!)

2. Potting soil

3. Flowers

4. Gardening gloves (optional)

5. Shovel/hand trowel (optional)

*Please forgive me for butchering gardening terminology! I am not a gardener, and these little planters are the extent of my gardening skills.

cute rainboot planter tutorial (2)

This is a pretty easy project, so it shouldn’t take you very long at all. You can start by shoveling the soil in, but you will need to put your gloves on to push the soil down into the toe of the boots. Next, after filling the rain boots  you can tuck your flowers in at the top. I was able to fit two different flowers in one boot or you can just plant one large plant in one boot. I even planted a tomato plant and cilantro. My boys are pretty excited about the tomatoes!

cute rainboot planter tutorial (3)

 Not surprisingly, digging in the dirt enticed my four year old on to the patio. I love my little helper, he is always wanting to help with every project or “job” as he calls it. 🙂

cute rainboot planter tutorial (4)

Aren’t these coral flowers so pretty! (don’t ask me what they’re called, I accidentally threw it’s tag away..)

cute rainboot planter tutorial (5)

My helper wanted another “job” to do, so I enlisted him for watering. He has been pretty excited to water them every morning, although it might help that I pay him a quarter (he earns quarters for helping Mommy with “jobs” so he can have spending money).

cute rainboot planter tutorial (6)

 Last but not least, place your cute rain boot planters by the front door, patio, or wherever you want!

cute rainboot planter tutorial (7)

If you’re planters are a little tippy, you can angle the heel of two boots together and tuck another boot in the middle.

cute rainboot planter tutorial (8)

Happy Spring!

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