Some Python projects worth looking at

Hi there guys. So a lot has happened while I was away. It has been only a few weeks and a whole ton of great python project have emerged. In this post I will share a list of some of the excellent projects I saw in the past few days. So lets take a look at them without wasting any more time.

This project is interesting mostly for those who are into network security. This is a single script providing a set of useful commands. It is a packet parsing/injecting arp spoofer. Check out the github page for more information

CherryMusic is not a new project but it recently got a new release. It is basically a music streaming server written in python. It allows you to stream your own music collection to all your devices! I have personally tested it and really recommend it.

Wheels are the new standard of python distribution and are intended to replace eggs. Among other advantages, they offer faster installation and allow secure digital signing. This project does not support a lot of python packages at the moment but they are trying to support as many projects as possible.

dataset provides two key functions that make using SQL databases in Python a breeze. A simple abstraction layer removes most direct SQL statements without the necessity for a full ORM model and Database contents can be exported (frozen) using a sophisticated plain file generatorwith JSON and CSV support.

OpenPyxl is a Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files. It was born from lack of existing library to read/write natively from Python the new Open Office XML format. Do check this project if you deal a lot with Excel files. You never know when you find something useful

If you are still reading then I guess you are hungry for more projects. Never mind I will do more posts about such things. For the time being do follow me on twitter, follow this blog and comment below to share your views and to give me an idea about a future post.

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