React Native 0.52. 0.52 Highlights, Implementing the… | by Wyatt McBain

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A bit late on this one but here are the highlights from the latest React Native release. Full release notes are available here.

  • New space-evenly for justifyContent 👏🏻
  • DatePickerIOS now takes a locale
  • CameraRoll can now delete photos
  • PlatformOS > Platform
  • YellowBox.ignoreWarnings([...]) > console.ignoredYellowBox = [...]

Note: We’ve had a hard time updating from 0.48 to 0.49 and above due to new API requirements that effects a lot of dependencies. Hoping this settles over the next couple of weeks.

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Incredible full-stack React Native example project

A lot of great animation examples in React Native 🤓

Awesome ticker component with rotating animations

Micro animation shine component ✨

Parallax replacement for the FlatList component

We saw Ken Wheeler give a talk on this new Formidable data visualization framework which works out of the box with React Native a few weeks ago at React NYC. It’s flexible and easy to use. Exited to see where this goes!

Another great React Native Radio podcast discussing Universal Applications

React Native Themes from Strap UI

Get your next React Native project up and running fast with a great theme from Strap UI. Check out their awesome options including eCommerce, Dating, and Taxi app themes and starters. 📱

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A highlight from the GraphQL summit is this video from Peggy Rayzis discussing how to manage your data with Apollo GraphQL

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