Python Software Foundation News: Python Developers Survey 2020 Results: Learn about the Community

We are excited to share the results of the fourth official Python Developers Survey conducted by the Python Software Foundation with the help of JetBrains.

More than 28,000 Python users from almost 200 countries took part in the survey this past October. With the help of the data collected, we are able to present the summarized results, identify the latest trends, and create a Python developer profile.

View the results of Python Developers Survey 2020!

The survey results cover a broad list of topics, including the main purposes of Python usage, the most popular frameworks, libraries, tools, and languages, among many other insights.

In all likelihood, there are plenty of potential findings that were not included in the report. If you have specific questions that are unanswered, send them to us and we’ll dig into the data for additional analysis. You also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the raw survey data and uncover your own amazing facts.

We’ll be glad to learn about your findings! Please share them on Twitter or other social media, mentioning @jetbrains‏ and @ThePSF with the #pythondevsurvey hashtag. We’re also very open to any suggestions and feedback related to this survey which could help us run an even better one next time. Feel free to open issues here with any comments or questions.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and helped us map an accurate landscape of the Python world!

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