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PHP is a server-side programming language designed as an all-purpose language for web development. It is one of the most prolific programming languages on the internet, installed in over 50 million websites and 3 million web servers. Grab an opportunity in the 3 trillion dollar IT sector and redefine your career and life. With the rise in digital trends such as 4G internet and smartphones, businesses leverage online platforms to increase their revenue. They need a huge number of software developers who can create attractive and high-performance websites that can be used for eCommerce, branding, marketing, etc. Any aspiring college student who wants to get selected in the tech sector needs to have a good PHP grip. 

One of the main advantages of learning PHP is that it is an open-source language. Students can get started on PHP tutorials courses free of cost. Our courses are designed by industry experts who have hands-on experience in developing large scale websites. This will give you a unique perspective about software engineering and enables you to gain relevant industry experience. With our guidance, students can set up a development environment and start coding in no time.

Our courses have mandatory projects that the students have to complete to gain certification. With practice exams and assignments, you can expect high-quality output from our students. Our mentors support the students in their learning journey and advise how they can improve their PHP coding skills and market themselves better.

We teach our students the latest technology in PHP hence keeping them up-to-date with the trend. Our job-ready tutorial program comes with various live projects such as CRM development, eCommerce website development, inventory management system development, etc. This diverse set of projects gives you coding practice and perspective into customer needs in each industry. We provide 30+ free PHP projects and 30+ paid projects. This helps students read and understand code to note best practices such as code readability, clean code, etc.

We groom students to be multiskilled, tech-enabled professionals who can face the job market with confidence. Be it Software design, DevOps, or testing, strong programming skills in PHP are a must. Our courses are designed to impart technical and problem-solving skills, innovative mindset, and excellent communication. When the program is completed, students will get accredited certification by software organizations and international bodies. The course graduation certificate becomes an important tool in securing high-paying jobs.

PHPGurukul is the one-stop institution for learning top programming languages such as PHP, MySQL,  jQuery, etc. Our website offers practice problems, interview questions, coding challenges, etc., that gamify the learning experience. Be ahead in the skills race and make a great start in your career.

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