PHP Classes Site 22th Birthday Developments and Future Plans

2. Opening the PHP Classes Site Marketplace to Other Vendors and Mentoring New Entrepreneurs

The PHP Classes site was launched on June 24, 1999. That was a long journey that continues year after year. Every year we evolve to provide better products and services.

The initial goal of the site was to allow any PHP developer to share their work that is available in the form of classes of PHP objects. After that, the site has evolved to increase its benefits to the PHP developers that care about the site.

Continue to read below to learn more about the latest developments that are more relevant so that you can benefit more from the site, as well see some nice pictures of new features.

In the latest times, the site has added several new types of benefits. Here are the most important benefits added last year.

PHP Programming Master Award

The PHP Programming Master Award is a new initiative started last year that was finally launched this year.

The goal is to distinguish authors that publish nice tutorials about their class packages.

Now there is a monthly contest that awards the authors of the tutorial articles that got more real people viewing the articles.

PHP Development Master Award Ranking Page

Lately, we added a statistics feature that allows authors to view how many real users have viewed their tutorial articles, month after month or day by day.

PHP Development Master Award Statistics Page

Each author can access this statistics page by going to the page of their package blog post-management, and then they can click on the statistics link.

PHP Development Master Award Statistics Page link

PHP Classes Marketplace Will Allow You to Sell Your Products and Services for PHP Developers

The PHP Classes marketplace is an evolution of the PHP Classes site shopping section. It will allow the site to advertise and sell products and services provided by partner companies.

This feature is not yet launched, but the site has already started to add partners, companies, and products listed for sale.

If you would like to put a product or service available to sell on the PHP Classes marketplace, please contact us using the contact page link at the bottom all pages of the site.

Report Bugs or Incomplete Features to Improve the Quality of the Site

Over the years, the site had accumulated many bugs in the site features and features that were not fully implemented.

Now we are dedicated 2 or 3 days a week to fix bugs and complete important features.

In the remaining days, we will continue to work on on-site features related to resources that generate revenue and keep the site profitable.

This will allow us to keep the site financially viable while improving the site quality for all developers like yourself who visit the site to benefit.

If you would like to report a bug or an incomplete feature that is annoying you, please contact us using the contact page link at the bottom all pages of the site.

The New Pink PHP ElePHPant and Upcoming Models with Personalization Support

Lately, we have started selling pink PHP ElePHPants. It is like the blue elephant, but its main color is pink, as you may see below.

We also started selling elephants that can have personalized logos, on the opposite side of the elePHPant belly where the PHP log appears, as you may see below. So, the elePHPant can have two logos: the PHP logo and another logo of your choice.

For now, this possibility is only available for PHP developers that live in Brazil, as the personalized elePHPant can only be purchased on the Mercado Livre site.

In the future, we will make the elePHPant available for sale worldwide on the PHP Classes site.

PHP Classes Site Planned Near Future Developments

Apart for older features that we will continue to evolve, there some new features will still be launched soon.

1. The Return of the Lately in PHP Podcast

Lately in PHP Podcast Logo

The Lately in PHP podcast was a monthly podcast that we used to record to tell the world about the latest news of the PHP community in video and audio.

We stopped the podcast because its production was time-consuming, and we stopped being able to generate revenue for all the work it was giving us. Therefore we stopped it for a while.

Now things have changed. We partner with our great friend and PHP Classes contributor Mike Stowe of Nomad PHP fame to partner with us to present the podcast. Now we are also able to fund the podcast production with some advertising.

If you would like to support the podcast and be a sponsor, please contact us using the contact page link at the bottom of all pages of the site.

The first new edition of the Lately in PHP podcast will be recorded this Friday, June 25, 2021, at 5 pm Pacific Time, 21:00 Brasilia time, or 00:00 UTC Saturday.

We will talk about opportunities to turn PHP products into a full-time business.

If you like to watch the podcast live recording, you can just come to this page at that time, and you can watch it live below in the video player you can see here.

2. Opening the PHP Classes Site Marketplace to Other Vendors and Mentoring New Entrepreneurs

Apart from the companies that already provide products and services to the PHP community and we are already integrating their products in our marketplace, we will also be able to add products or services from other entrepreneurs that are targeting the market of PHP developers.

If you have any products and services for this market, please contact us using the contact page link at the bottom all pages of the site.

If necessary we will provide free business creation or evolution mentoring to help entrepreneurs to get some guidance to make good business decisions to will help to to succeed sooner. You may use the same contact page above if you are interested in this kind of mentoring.

3. Personalized Help to Recruit PHP Developers

One good thing about the pandemic is that it caused an increase in the demand for qualified PHP developers willing to work from home. Therefore now it is harder to find qualified developers that are available to do remote work.

Consequently, we started getting requests from companies to help post job offers for remote PHP developers. Some even asked for PHP developers that have the experience to work with less common frameworks.

Soon we will improve our job offers section to allow a more personalized form of recruiting. We will actively contact the available developers that we know have the necessary experience, so we can increase the chances of the hiring company to get the job candidates that they know want.

If you have any products and services for this market, please contact us using the contact page link at the bottom all pages of the site.

What Else Would You Like to See in the PHP Classes Site for 2022

Well, for now, that is all. I hope you like these latest features announcements. If you would like us to add or improve specific site features, please post a comment to this article below, or contact us using the contact page link at the bottom of all pages of the site.

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