So guys I have a good news for you. If you keep up with latest news regarding Python then  you might have heard about Neckbeard Republic in the past. If you haven’t then let me tell you that Neckbeard Republic is a series of bite sized Python screen-casts created by the awesome Mahdi

It used to be paid. Only a few screen-casts were free. The paid ones required you to pay $9 monthly membership fee. However Mahdi recently announced that all those screen-casts are now free! Due to some personal problems he was not able to continue the awesome series of screen-casts so he just made them free for all of us.

The screen-casts have a professional quality. Some of the topics covered in his screen-casts are:

Make sure that you check them out and tell me that whether you like them or not. I will be waiting to hear your response.