Hi there folks. I am writing a book on Python tips, tricks and patterns. This will be a short book of nearly 100 pages. I have already written about 56 pages. I would be self-publishing it in July or August. I am pretty sure that you would love this book. Here is an unsorted list of content which I have already written about:

  • args_and_kwargs
  • debugging
  • generators
  • map_&_filter
  • set_-_data_structure
  • ternary_operators
  • decorators
  • global_&_return
  • mutation
  • __slots__magic
  • virtual_environment
  • collections
  • enumerate
  • object_introspection
  • comprehensions
  • exceptions
  • lambdas
  • one_liners
  • for_-_else
  • open_function
  • targeting_python_2_3
  • coroutines
  • function_caching

Do note that this list of included content is subject to change as it is just a rough draft right now. I am planning on including a lot more topics.

If you would like to get an early sneak peak and a reduced price then I would suggest you to signup on my mailing list over here. A lot of people have already signed up. Make sure that you sign up and avail this opportunity of having the final book at a reduced price.

That’s it for today. I would be seeing you later!