ImportError: No module named resource_rc

Hi there folks. How are you? Recently I was using Qt Designer to design a GUI for one of my apps. After doing all the designing I saved my ui file and ran pyuic4 over it. Everything worked fine and I had a Python ui file created in my system. But when I tried to run the Python ui file I was confronted with an error. It read something like this:

ImportError: No module named resource_rc

So what was the problem? After doing some research I saw that a resource_rc file was referenced in my Python ui file but I was not able to find that resource_rc file anywhere in my system. But there was a .qrc file which I had not noticed before.

After searching a little I came to know that the .qrc file was a resource file of the Qt Designer. At that moment I came to know what the problem was. I had not converted the .qrc file into Python. The problem was hard to find because there was not a single helpful error which clearly stated that I had not converted the resource file into Python. I solved the problem by running this command:

pyrcc4 -o App/ui/ App/resources.qrc

The above command runs the PyQt resource compiler which was already installed with PyQt4 on my Ubuntu laptop. pyrcc4 then compiles the resource file into Python which can easily be imported and used in Python. That solution solved my problem.

So that was it. I hope that this post was helpful for you. In order to stay updated with my future posts then don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and this blog. Stay tuned for my next post which is going to be a book giveaway. Goodbye!

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