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Knowing how to write automated tests is a fundamental skill for any developer. By adding a quality test suite to your application, you’ll end up with fewer bugs in production. It allows you to refactor with confidence using a test suite that has your back.

We’re currently recording a new premium video course called Testing Laravel. It will be released in September.

The basics of testing + testing Laravel

In this course, learn how to test Laravel applications from scratch. We’ve created a fully functional blog demo application that we’ll write tests for. After we’ve covered the basics, we’ll show you advanced subjects. You’ll see how we test our applications at Spatie. We’ll cover snapshot testing, mocks, APIs, testing domain code, setting up CI, and much more. We’ll also walk you through the tests of real-world applications.

Let’s Pest this

Pest is the new kid on the block in the PHP testing world that focuses on stellar developer experience. It’s rapidly rising in popularity, and we believe it’ll only grow in the near future. That’s why you’ll get two flavours of the entire course: in one, we’ll handle PHPUnit. In the other, we’ll focus on Pest. We’ll also show you how to convert a PHPUnit test suite to Pest.

Available soon

My colleague Brent and I are well underway recording all the videos. We’ll be ready with recording them all early September.

We hope that this course will help new fellow Artisan to write tests for their apps. And if you already know how to test, we have a few cool testing tricks to share that we use to test the big applications of our own.

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