4 Easy Ways to Spruce Up A Small Outdoor Area

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Spring has sprung around here, and we’re full speed ahead for Summer!  My family, like many of yours, spends more time outdoors in the beautiful Idaho weather and less time inside. This means, more time to work on the exterior of our house. If I’m being honest, as satisifying as it is sprucing up our outdoor areas, it’s also a LOT of work. It seems like we’re constantly planting, moving dirt, watering, moving siphon tubes in our pasture, etc.

With all that time spent working outside this past month, I was happy to be able to do a LOT of my one stop shopping at Walmart. Walmart is KILLING it in the outdoor/patio department. No joke, I could not stop “adding to cart”. We’re talking gorgeous planters, outdoor furniture, throw pillows and other outdoor decor. The price points are so fantastic, you just want more!  Plus, with so many things shipping in 2 days, and FREE (Orders $35+), it’s a no brainer.

I recently worked on just a small area of my porch. It’s been a headache for me for some time because it’s sort of a strange space. It’s not big, but it’s part of a larger porch. I needed it to be balanced, but stand on it’s own. 

Here are 4 things I did to spruce up this small outdoor area (and make it feel a lot more “homey”).

  1. Add seating.
    There’s really no point of creating a beautiful outdoor area if you can’t enjoy it! There always needs to be a place to SIT. I’m always a fan of a classic rocker. We live on a farm and I like the traditional feel, but really, it fits just about any home style. Walmart has a ton of different seating options. Maybe you’d like a swing, a double rocker, a more modern metal chair set. No matter what you go for, it’s a great beginning choice to creating that perfect area to enjoy. My family has loved these rocking chairs. My husband and I have found ourselves out here several evenings, watching the kids play and enjoying the beautiful sunsets. The chairs themselves were easy to assemble and great quality.
  2. Include throw pillows.
    Can you EVER have enough throw pillows? No way! Whether indoors or outdoors, pillows are the cherry on top and a great way to bring any space together. Plus, they’re usually inexpensive and easy to change out. You can really change the look of any area with a simple pillow swap! I fell in love with the design and texture on this outdoor pillow combo! I felt like it was the perfect combo of classic and trendy. The geometric design on one pillow against a subtle pop of color is perfect!
    Teal Pillow/Geometic pillow
  3. Planter, planters, planters.Nothing makes me happier than planters overflowing with pretty, colorful, flowers. I’m sure you feel the same way. Though my flowers are JUST beginning to flourish, we have a whole Summer ahead to enjoy.I was SHOCKED at the amount of cool planters Walmart carried. From super modern to classic to farmhouse, they really have SO many. Many are available online, but I found even more in store! To be perfectly honest, I had an incredibly difficult time even choosing which I wanted and ended up coming home with a few for my back patio too! I like to get a few different sizes and heights of planters so I’m working with some different levels. This galvanized planter is perfection. The galvanized tub with the more modern legs is the perfect combination. It’s larger, so I liked it as the focal point. I also snagged some smaller, black planters, and added a pop of pink flower. Side note: Walmart also has an incredible garden section that has a delightful variety and even better price points. 


4. Take some indoor decor, outdoors.
I think sometimes I feel like I have to all new outdoor decor, but sometimes you can use what you have inside too! I always have a few lanterns inside, why not bring that same idea outside?

I grabbed a few different styles of black lanterns and put them next to the rockers on the ground. I also put those battery powered flameless candles inside and absolutely love the effect. At night, I have them flickering and it’s just the nicest touch. There are many styles of lanterns HERE. I suggest getting a few different sizes so you again, have some levels. 

We are so excited to spend our Summer evenings out here. Reading books, sipping a cold diet coke, watching our kids ride bikes…this space is now perfect for ALL of it thanks to all the great stuff I found at Walmart. Create a space at YOUR home that will help to foster those memories too!

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