20 Python libraries you can’t live without

Hi there fellas. Today i am going to list 20 python libraries which have been a part of my toolbelt and should be a part of yours as well. So here they are:

  • Requests. The most famous http library written by Kenneth Reitz. It’s a must have for every python developer.

  • Scrapy. If you are involved in webscraping then this is a must have library for you. After using this library you won’t use any other.

  • wxPython. A gui toolkit for python. I have primarily used it in place of tkinter. You will really love it.

  • Pillow. A friendly fork of PIL (Python Imaging Library). It is more user friendly than PIL and is a must have for anyone who works with images.

  • SQLAlchemy. A database library. Many love it and many hate it. The choice is yours.

  • BeautifulSoup. I know it’s slow but this xml and html parsing library is very useful for beginners.

  • Twisted. The most important tool for any network application developer. It has a very beautiful api and is used by a lot of famous python developers.

  • NumPy. How can we leave this very important library ? It provides some advance math functionalities to python.

  • SciPy. When we talk about NumPy then we have to talk about scipy. It is a library of algorithms and mathematical tools for python and has caused many scientists to switch from ruby to python.

  • matplotlib. A numerical plotting library. It is very useful for any data scientist or any data analyzer.

  • Pygame. Which developer does not like to play games and develop them ? This library will help you achieve your goal of 2d game development.

  • Pyglet. A 3d animation and game creation engine. This is the engine in which the famous python port of minecraft was made

  • pyQT. A GUI toolkit for python. It is my second choice after wxpython for developing GUI’s for my python scripts.

  • pyGtk. Another python GUI library. It is the same library in which the famous Bittorrent client is created.

  • Scapy. A packet sniffer and analyzer for python made in python.

  • pywin32. A python library which provides some useful methods and classes for interacting with windows.

  • nltk. Natural Language Toolkit – I realize most people won’t be using this one, but it’s generic enough. It is a very useful library if you want to manipulate strings. But it’s capacity is beyond that. Do check it out.

  • nose. A testing framework for python. It is used by millions of python developers. It is a must have if you do test driven development.

  • SymPy. SymPy can do algebraic evaluation, differentiation, expansion, complex numbers, etc. It is contained in a pure Python distribution.

  • IPython. I just can’t stress enough how useful this tool is. It is a python prompt on steroids. It has completion, history, shell capabilities, and a lot more. Make sure that you take a look at it.

  • I hope you liked today’s post. Do share your views in the comments below and if you think that i have missed an important library which should be listed up there post it in the comments and i will add it. Stay tuned for the next post.

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