Hi there fellow programmers. I remember those days when i started learning python. I was always eager to find new blogs about python but found just a handful of them. This is one of the reason i started this blog. To spread my knowledge about python to other fellow coders. Today i am going to try to provide you 10 links to different python blogs that are worth following. By that i mean they are regularly updated and have useful info. So here’s the list:

  • The first one is Planet python undoubtedly one of the most famous python blogs out there. Go check it out. I hope you will find it helpful. It was last updated today.

  • The second blog is lucumr. The home of the developer of flask (a python micro web framework).

  • The third blog is love-python. I don’t know how i stumbled over it but i really like this blog as it has a lot of useful info and code snippets.

  • The fourth blog is of Doug Hellmann. He is the one behind PYMOTW (Python Module Of The Week). This blog covers a lot of python libraries. If you are searching for some new useful python libraries then go check this out.

  • The next blog is Coder Who Says Py. It’s a nice blog. Although it’s not regularly updated but still you will find some helpful info in there.

  • The sixth blog is effbot. Full of helpful info, code snippets and everything else you can expect from a python blog. Go check it out before it’s too late.

  • The seventh blog is of the writer of “Two Scoops Of Django”. It is pydanny. This is mainly about django but still a lot can be learned from this blog.

  • The next blog is of Al Sweigat. He is the writer of numerous python books including his latest book “Hacking Secret Ciphers With Python”.

  • The ninth blog is this blog on which you currently are. This is your all in one guide to python.

  • The last blog is one of the most useful blog which got me up to speed with python. It is called Mouse Vs Python.

I hope you liked today’s post and i am sure i helped you out of your frustration of finding good python blogs. Do share your views in the comments below and if you think that i have missed a blog then put it in the comments as well.