🇺🇸 President’s Day. React Native 0.53, Instagram Filters… | by Wyatt McBain

We’d also like to announce that we’re moving to a mostly bi-weekly schedule with React Native Coach. It’s a better pace while working on more projects ourself and better fits the content being produced in the space.

If you’d like to contribute to React Native Coach be sure to drop me a line! [email protected]

React Native 0.53 was promoted to stable this week, the full release notes are available here, here are the highlights:

  • Keyboard events now include duration and easing
  • On Android ScrollView now takes a snapToInterval and TextInput takes onKeyPress like IOS

Incredible post from William Candillon on implementing Instagram style filters in React Native

Bitcoin chart is 📈 in February and we’re bullish on this article from locropulenton bringing the Ethereum blockchain to React Native

Another excellent article from Peter Piekarczyk on a common problem facing React Native developers, getting ScrollView to work it the way you want to

kurtiskemple walks us through his great looking carousel component for React Native, featured in our Open Source section last issue

Detailed walkthrough on getting React Native setup with React Native Web and React Navigation from Rob Pickering

Nader Dabit has been on a roll with his new role at AWS producing great articles in the past few weeks on authentication, analytics, and state management all of which are relevant to React Native development:

A simple declarative API for React-Native animations, using render props

Listen to status bar changes during incoming calls and other multi-tasking events

React Native: Native Material Shadows (Android)

Awesome tooltip view for React Native

Get your next React Native project up and running fast with a great theme from Strap UI. Check out their awesome options including eCommerce, Dating, and Taxi app themes and starters. 📱

There’s been some discussion around the ease of use of current GraphQL libraries and the past few weeks have seen some interesting developments for GraphQL on this end:

Formidable released urql a new GraphQL client with an easy to understand cache

Apollo has also introduced a simpler way to interact with the framework. Many props to the team for this update 🙏🏻

One of the pain points people lament about Redux is the amount of boilerplate required, this new library introduced by Adrien HARNAY hopes to abstract some of that away

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